MT4 Windows App Programming

Build Anything

Our proprietary MT4 Bridge and its Library provides access to virtually every feature in the MT4 Desktop Trading Application. Thus, offering the ability to link to or create an external application such as; sophisticated MT4 add-ons, plugins, dashboards or fully functional desktop applications using WinForms or WPF(recommended) technology.

Overcome MT4’s Limitations

The only limit is your imagination. There is no need to depend on MT4’s library to develop custom software that works with the most popular trading application. Implement custom graphics, scales, gauges, and charts or create an independent Grid Platform, Alerts, Messenger System, or highly sophisticated Algorithmic Platforms. 

Security and Protection for Commercialization

MT4 Apps have inherent, enhanced security compared to expert advisors and custom indicators. As an installable application, all code is hidden and unable to be altered without corruption. Commercialization with individual logins may be created, assigned, and advertised to the massive MT4 Community.  

Connect to Existing Software

Any third party or other software that has an existing API (Application Programming Interface) that you wish to link to MT4 may be achieved with our MT4 Bridge. Perhaps there is a broker or other trading product or tool that would be a perfect fit to connect to MT4 to enhance your and possibly others.

Be Innovative – Create Something New

There are 1,000’s of MT4 expert advisors and indicators for free and for sale. Become part of a new generation by extending MT4 into unknown and unexpected software extensions.