Why Us?

With so many freelancers, why should you select us for your MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 programming needs? 

  • Longevity – our team has been together since 1996, programming only for MT4 and MT5. 
  • Rapid Support – 365 days per year, you can expect the same day response. Virtually, immediately during regular business hours. 
  • Experience – our programmers have completed thousands of projects for traders. 
  • One-on-One – once your project has been submitted, you are assigned a programmer that will communicate with you directly via our Help Desk.
  • Continued Support – whether it is one day, a week, month, or years later, we will support your project so that it remains bug-free for life. 

We are Here to Stay

Hired a freelancer and then they disappear when bugs or upgrades are required? Don’t get us wrong. There are some great freelancers out there, but most take on more work then they can handle. 

Expert Advisors
Custom Indicators

MetaTrader 4, more commonly known as MetaQuotes, is the platform of choice for the majority of traders worldwide. The MT4 platform is available in every major, and several minor languages with brokers in almost every country offering this tool to trade currencies.

Free for All

Global Popularity

Massive Community

MT4 Programming API

Perhaps the root of MT4’s success is that it is available for free to all traders, yet provides technological sophistication’s that surpasses some of the most expensive, paid for, platforms. The MetaQuotes product is available for purchase by anyone offering broker services and for a price that is reasonable. Especially when compared to the potential returns.

Although MetaTrader started in 2000, its most popular version released in 2005 with a new serial number 4 which was MetaQuotes fourth platform. This version quickly became the notorious MetaTrader 4 (MT4).

With MT4’s popularity, zero cost to participate, and a variety of features, a new market rapidly developed. This market consist of MT4 Programmers offering custom programming services using the native MQL/MQL4 proprietary programming language for Expert Advisors, Custom Indicators and Custom MT4 Programmed Scripts.

The success of MT4’s 3rd party market and perhaps the largest trading community is in part due to its API (Application Program Interface). The MT4 API allows programmers to create unique and virtually, independent software products that are integrated behind the scenes with MT4.