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Free MetaTrader Indicator Repainting Check

Free MT4 Indicator Repainting Check

Repainting indicators are one of the most deceptive and misleading tools a trader can use. These indicators look great when you are looking at them in hindsight, but they can give you false signals during real-time trading. In some cases, these indicators can be fixed not to repaint, but for the most part, they should be avoided at all costs. Get your free repainting indicator check today. We will make sure that your charts are clear of any potential problems.

Why Do Programmers Create Repainting Indicators?

There are a few reasons why programmers might create repainting indicators. The first reason is that they do not know how to create a non-repainting indicator. The second reason is that they are trying to make their indicator look more accurate than it is. This can be done by showing past values as current values. This tricks people into thinking that the indicator provides reliable signals that may be followed for trade entry and exits.

The third reason is that the programmer wants people to keep using their indicators. If an indicator always showed the same value, people would eventually realize it wasn’t very accurate. Constantly changing the values falsely encourages the trader to continue using the, in reality, unreliable and misleading indicator.

The fourth reason is that some programmers create indicators meant to be used together. These indicators might repaint each other’s values. Thus, exponentially making a false sense of accuracy.

The fifth reason is that some brokers ask programmers to create repainting indicators because most, if not all, brokers make money when their clients lose money. If an indicator is constantly changing, it is more likely that people will make bad decisions based on the indicator. This is crucial to remember when buying or leasing any indicator or EA. Ask yourself, “Who is behind the site selling these potentially purposefully misleading and unreliable indicators and expert advisors.”

Five Methods to Avoid Getting Fooled by a Repainting Indicator?

  1. Forward testing on a demo account is the best way to determine if an indicator repaints. Open up a demo account, run the indicator on it for some time, and watch it live. It is a repainting indicator if the signals change from their original position as new candles are formed. If the indicator produces different results in historical testing compared to testing live, it likely repaints.
  2. Checking the code – if you are a coder, you can check the indicator’s code to see if it is programmed to change past results. Indicators that are correctly coded, not misleading, should not do so.
  3. Backtesting – another way to determine if an indicator repaint is by backtesting. However, this method is not always accurate, as backtesting software can produce inaccurate results.
  4. Look for situations where the indicator gives conflicting signals in different time frames. Depending on how the indicator is coded, these could be standard signals for the time frame. It’s another way to evaluate indicators, regardless of whether they repaint.
  5. Compare the indicator signal with the price action to see if they match up.

Although these tests usually provide insightful information, they can also be misleading. The best method is to have us check your indicator(s) for free. Use the form at the bottom of this page to receive this free service on your indicator(s).  

Repainting indicators can often give false signals, leading to traders making bad decisions. Therefore, knowing which indicators repaint and which do not before using them in your trading is essential.

MT4 Programming Offers Free Repainting Checks

Repainting is a common problem with many technical indicators. The indicator would give false signals after the fact, leading the trader to believe they would have made a profit if they had only followed the signal. MT4 Programming’s free repainting check will help you avoid this problem.

When an indicator is said to be “repainting,” it means changing its signal after the fact. This can happen for several reasons, but usually, the indicator is based on past price data, and when new price data comes in, the indicator changes its signal to match the latest data. This can be a problem because the indicator does not give you an accurate picture of what is happening in the market.

There are a few ways to avoid repainting indicators. One way is to use an indicator based on tick data instead of price data. Tick data is used to make up the candlesticks on a price chart, and it is live data that is not subject to change after the fact. Another way to avoid repainting indicators is to use an indicator based on tick data but also use some filtering only to give signals when there is a certain amount of volume or activity in the market.

The best way to avoid repainting indicators is to use an indicator not based on past price data. MT4 Programming’s free repainting check will help you identify which indicators are not repainting so that you can be sure you are using the most accurate and reliable indicators possible.

Can Repainting Indicators be Fixed?

There are ways to fix this problem, however. Some programmers have created “non-repainting” versions of prevalent indicators. These indicators will give you the same value regardless of viewing them. While non-repainting indicators are imperfect, they can give you a much more accurate picture of what an indicator tells you.


  1. Repainting indicators are often inaccurate and can lead to false signals, causing a trader to enter a trade too early or too late.
  2. Repainting indicators can cause traders to miss potential trade opportunities.
  3. Repainting indicators can result in overtrading and excessive risk-taking.
  4. Many repainting indicators are available for free, which means that they may not be of high quality.
  5. Repainting indicators can change their appearance based on the time frame, making it difficult to interpret the signals correctly.
  6. Most, if not all, repainting indicators do not work as advertised and can lead to losses instead of profits.
  7. Repainting indicators are often created using backtested data, which can be inaccurate.
  8. If an indicator is for sale and looks too good to be true, it probably repaints. Find out by following the steps in this document, or allow us to determine if it is a non-repainting indicator for free.
  9. This is a big red flag if a “reliable and accurate” indicator is for sale without a corresponding Expert Advisor. Since indicators cannot be backtested and only expert advisors can, why hide the ability to test this so-called “great indicator.”

    If you’re interested in trading the financial markets, you must know the potential pitfalls of using repainting indicators. While they can sometimes provide helpful information, more often than not, they end up causing more harm than good. It’s always best to err on caution and avoid them altogether if possible.

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