MT4 Expert Advisor Programming

What is an Expert Advisor?

The MQL4 Programming Language

An Expert Advisor is a small program for auto-trading. Specifically, the term expert advisor applies to the robots used in the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Trading Platform. EAs may contain virtually any idea or method that the trader can do manually. Expert Advisors may be simple mathematical formulas computing averages in real-time or extremely complex algorithms. EAs may also include the use of standard or custom indicators.

MQL4 or sometimes simply referred to as MQL is the programming language used to create expert advisors for MetaTrader. MQL is an object-oriented programming language closely related to C. Those who are familiar with C, C++ or Java will have an easier time learning MQL.

Expert Advisor Advantages

EAs, when set to auto-trade remove the emotional aspect of trading and provide the flexibility to monitor the market while away from the computer. EAs may be set to provide alerts to the users via on-screen visually, audibly and remotely via email or SMS.

MT4 Programming Services

For almost two decades we have dedicated our services to MetaTrader programming. We offer a 100% guarantee that your EA will work according to your written instructions and also provide optional one-day delivery when possible.